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ten cabbages
hell yeah mother fucker
►Action/Phone 「 768 Bunker Street ∆ Morning 」

[Adachi was trying to enjoy his typical Sunday morning routine. You know, reading over the morning paper while drinking his coffee. Although it was becoming increasingly difficult to actually focus with all the noise going on outside. He'd try to ignore it, thinking it nothing more than Mayfield being itself when


One of those zombies everyone had been mentioning decided to fling itself through one of his windows. Normally one would be worried, but as luck would have it, the zombie impaled itself on the all too
convenient lamp sitting near the window. Still, this only served to annoy him. He would disappear for a few moments, eventually reappearing with a backpack full of god knows what and a shotgun in hand. He pulled the phone over to the window where he would keep post for now, because... who the hell is going to fix a window at a time like this? Instead, he'll pick up the receiver and...]

Okay, so that guy from earlier wasn't kidding. But seriously, zombies? Does that mean we'll be invaded by aliens and vampires next? This place is just getting way too predictable. Anyways, I'll assume some of you guys have never actually seen a zombie movie before. The only way to kill them is to kill their brains. Guns are obviously the most effective way, but I guess if you're willing to risk your life, you can always just stab 'em in the brain. Not too sure magic will be any use, unless you can blow their brains up or something? ...That would actually be pretty neat to see. [And then a moan or two can be heard over the line, shortly followed by the sound of a shotgun blast.] Right, don't get bitten by them either. That should be pretty obvious by now. I think they should all be dead before too long anyways. I mean, you guys do love killing shit, right? [That last bit was reeking of dry sarcasm, but... Okay, probably not the best time to be bringing that up. Whatever, it's not like Adachi ever actually thought before he spoke.]

►Action 「 768 Bunker Street ∆ Afternoon/Evening 」

[After most of the street has been cleared of the current threat, and he's had time to makeshift fix his window and fortify the rest, Adachi can be found patrolling the area, attempting to help anyone he comes across as well as killing off any of the stupid zombies he comes across. Of course, if he comes across a non-drone zombie... Well, we might be in for an interesting day.]

nine cabbages [forwarded to monday]
Drone!Adachi is looking so snazzy.
►Action 「 Zemekis Corp. Offices ---> 768 Bunker Street ∆ Morning or Evening」

[Anyone that has encountered Adachi for the past two weeks will have noticed the all too obvious changes. His usually unkempt hair is actually neatly combed and styled, he actually wears his suits properly, and he is apparently sporting a pair of glasses. The only thing that actually indicates that this man is indeed Adachi is that familiar voice. But even that has changed to a more stern manner of speech, if not a bit robotic in nature.. Being a drone, his life consists of work, more work, doing overtime, and then finally going home for supper and finally going to bed. During the week, one might encounter him on his way to or from work. Though today, they'll certainly be in for a surprise when he "awakes" during the middle of their conversation.]

►Phone 「 768 Bunker Street ∆ Night」

So, looks like I had my first experiencing with that droning thing. ...I still feel kind of weirded out by the whole experience, but... I think I'm alright now. Just tell me I didn't actually do anything stupid while I was 'out'. If I did, I totally apologize and will try to make it up to you anyway I can.

On another note, uh, anything interesting happen while I was gone?

eight cabbages
►Phone 「 768 Bunker Street ∆ Morning 」

So, anybody doing anything fun for the summer? ...Not that there's really much to do in this town, but eh. I bought of couple of huge watermelons the other day. I've also got some leftover fireworks and booze from the fourth of July, apparently. Maybe we could have a mini-yard party? I mean, there's no way we can eat both of these by ourselves. Anybody's welcome to come. The address is 768 Bunker Street. Be here or... be not having delicious cold slices of watermelon, I guess?

►Action 1 「 768 Bunker Street  ∆ Evening 」

[And just as promised, anybody taking up Adachi's invite will find two picnic tables set up on his front lawn. Both tables have huge watermelons sitting in the middle, with a bunch napkins on either side. There's a few slices already cut, but if you're picky, feel free to cut off your own piece and nomnomnom away! There's also a cooler sitting between both tables, filled with ice, beer, and.... juice? Anyway, Adachi will probably notice and stop his mid-snacking to greet you with a friendly smile and nod.]

Hey, glad you could make it.

►Action 2 「 768 Bunker Street  ∆ Evening 」

[And now that the sky is dark enough, it's time to set off those fireworks! Adachi brings out a box filled with a bunch of types, being kind enough to let you choose your own! Imagine all the fun you could have settling off sparklers and and rockets and a bunch of other stuff. Just.... try not to aim it at his house, okay? ...Or him, for that matter. ....or anyone else okay he doesn't want to be sued.]

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seven cabbages
►Phone 「 768 Bunker Street ∆ Early Morning 」

[He knew about drones. He saw them every day. He even had them living in his house before. But seeing somebody you actually know become a drone is... rather unsettling. You start to imagine the same thing happening to yourself at any point. You wonder if they might ever come back, but then days, weeks, months pass by and... nothing. Well, might as well make the call now.]

Just thought I'd let everyone that knew her know, Naoto is... gone. Hopefully she's back home working on new cases. Her drone is really kind of... depressing to live with, though.

...And, there's something else I'd like to tell you guys. Before I ended up in Mayfield, I was kind of in jail. Fifth year, actually. See, I'm... sort of a murderer. Well, was. I'm responsible for two deaths. I know, big shocker. ...huh. I don't know why I suddenly felt the urge to tell everyone. Oh well, that cat is out of the bag now. No need for worrying about it anymore, right?

[filtered to Persona cast... or is it? ]

So, I've kind of put this off for a while. ...Which doesn't really help my case any, I guess. But I thought you all should know...

[A long pause, and then a sigh. He kind of planned on telling them already, but... for some reason today just seemed like the perfect day to tell them!]

I got it back. My persona. And before you kids get any crazy ideas ...I didn't ask for this, okay? Honestly, I'm terrified of it. I don't even want to think about actually using it again. The last time I... thought I was going to die. The pain that surged through my body every time I called it out... It was like fire running through my veins. Maybe that was all because of that, ...whatever the hell it was called. But still, I'd rather not find out.

[[OOC: Adachi is at Stage 4, if it wasn't obvious. Feel free to troll/harass/baw at him.]]

six cabbages
►Phone; filtered to Persona cast. 「 768 Bunker Street ∆ Early Morning 」

Damn it, Mayfield.Collapse )


Adachi is skipping work today for very obvious reasons today. Instead, you can find him;

A. 「 Jonathon's Tools ∆ Afternoon 」

[Because he totally hasn't been here enough in the past few weeks, right? But today he's here for a very different reason. He didn't think it would be possible in Mayfield, but... he had to try it. Just in case. So he was looking for the biggest TV possible. ...Fortunately, the 50s TVs could barely fit your year, much less your entire body. Regardless, you may find Adachi curiously prodding at one of the larger sets.]

...Nothings happening. Should've guessed that much.

B. 「 The Comic Shop ∆ Evening 」

[Well, after that total failure of an adventure, Adachi decided to actually do something FUN! Okay, so he's a little old to be here, really. But it sure as hell beat whatever shitty stuff the library currently had. Besides, some of this stuff DOES look pretty amusing. Maybe you can pester him a little? Maybe even offer a suggestion!]

C. 「 The Bowling Alley ∆ Night 」

[Oh look, Adachi just got a strike! ...Nevermind that his past few throws have all been gutter balls. We'll probably also forget to mention all the cursing, too. But hey, at least he looks happy now. Want to join him?]

five cabbages
►Action 「 Jonathon's Tools ∆ Sometime after lunch 」

[After the meeting with his fellow Persona users, Adachi couldn't help but feel that something bad was defiantly going to happen. And soon, too. It probably doesn't help that he's pretty easily paranoid in the first place, so the most logical thing to do at this time is stock up. He'll be driving his fancy little station wagon down to the local tool shop, loading his  trunk down with plenty of boards, boxes of nails, some hammers and saws and... most importantly, ammo and firearms. Hopefully those will stay out of the sight of anybody happening to pass by. Though it really can't be helped if you come up and say hello to him.]

►Phone 「 768 Bunker Street  ∆ Evening 」

[There's a bit of eerie silence before a voice finally comes through the line.]

I'm really not one to rely on intuition, but... I don't know. Every since that census came in the mail, I've just had this horrible feeling lingering over me. Especially given Mayfield's reputation. I know I can't be the only one. Tell me, are you guys making any preparations? I'm still fairly new here compared to a lot of you, so I'm not really sure if 'being prepared' for the worst really makes much of a difference but... I guess it's better than nothing, right?

►Filtered to Aigis
Aigis? I've picked up a few firearms. Feel free to come over and pick whichever ones you like. I've also got plenty of ammo.

four cabbages
►Action 「 768 Bunker Street ∆ Early Morning 」

[It's that time of the year again! The day where every man subjects himself to the horrible torture of being subjected to his Wife's whims. Most men will dread this day, but not Adachi. He's possibly way too happy to show his love and appreciation for his not!wife.

Some kind of yummy aroma is filling the house, which may or may not wake up a certain someone before Adachi and the drone kids can even finish, but eventually they make their way to the bedroom to surprise Rider with a huge plate of breakfast foods cooked to near perfection. Hey, who DOESN'T want to wake up to breakfast in bed? Oh, and the drone kids made Rider some derpy Mother's Day cards, too. Aren't they precious?]

►Phone「 768 Bunker Street ∆ Later in the Morning 」

Good morning, Mayfield! I just wanted to wish all your ladies out there a happy Mother's Day. Every single one of you are a gift to us all. We wouldn't exist without you, you know?

►Action 「 Pick your own location! ∆ Afternoon 」

[Are you a female? Then you'll probably have Adachi trying to help you out in whatever way possible. Carrying things? No problem. Opening doors? Do you even have to ask? He's really just running various errands for Rider but, hey. You can't let a lady do all that hard work herself. It's just common courtesy!]

[OOC note: Backdating is totally in effect now. Feel free to tag.]

three cabbages
►Phone 「 768 Bunker Street ∆ Mid-Morning 」

Good morning, Mayfield. I hope you're all doing well.

My name is Tohru Adachi, and after some consideration I've decided to offer my, er, 'services' to you all. This place can be pretty scary, and I have no doubt some of you are suffering mental anguish from some of the prior events of this town, or perhaps from your own troubled past. I want to help.

Starting today, any of you may stop by my residence at 768 Bunker Street for consultation. I will do my best to offer you some sound advice for any of your problems. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes you just need someone to listen to you. Obviously, nothing will leave the confines of the house unless you want it to. I'll probably be here all day, so feel free to stop by at any time.

[Well, gee. That was horribly awkward. Switching from semi-professional to friendly every half second? Good job, Adachi. NOBODY WILL EVER WANT TO COME.]

►Action 「 768 Bunker Street ∆ Afternoon 」

[You know, this was a really great idea, except for one little problem. All of his clients so far had been drones. Yes, apparently drones have issues that they felt like venting to him. Of course, they were never anything of note. Still, he gave them the same friendly smile and advice as he would any of his fellow citizens.

The last client has already left, but his door remains open. Feel free to let yourself in. He'll just be reading over his previous 'notes' while waiting.]


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